Game Finance

Play Games,
Make Money

Use your time when you get Bored, play Casual
Games and Hyper Casual Games, get
Entertained and win Rewards.

Complex Gaming
Ecosystem where
users ca Earn

Z3 is a cutting-edge platform that utilizes the GameFi concept to create a
dynamic ecosystem for casual gamers to spend time, get entertained, and
earn money through Play-to-Earn games.

With Z3 users can access a vibrant and exciting casual gaming ecosystem
where they can connect with other gamers, compete in challenges and
tournaments, and earn money through their gameplay.

Game Finance API for Studios NFT Games Casual Games Learn Games Play to Earn Pay to Play

Game Finance

Z3 Gaming Finance is all about spending time and get Entertained by
playing simple Games, Have Fun and Win something in return.

API Bridge for Game Developers to build on our Ecosystem

Casual Games for users to have fun and get Entertained

System of Play to Earn, Pay to Play and Free to Play Games

Educational Games for the Next Generation to harness intelligence

Multiple Dynamic Games with or AirHugs Invented Characters

Fun Games that can be Played in Teams with your Friends

Games where you can play directly with the AI